CRICOS course code: 056502D
Duration: 60 weeks
Campus: Main Campus

English for children soon to enter high school

This course is designed to help students wanting to study in an Australian High School develop the required level of English language proficiency. The course content is based on the Queensland Senior Secondary School core subject areas. These include English for Mathematics, English for Science, Novel, Academic Writing and Public Speaking.

The course delivery encourages positive, pro-active learning, with caring individual attention. Students develop self-confidence, maturity and self-awareness, while developing effective study habits appropriate to cope with the demands of the Australian education system.

Assessment activities will be carried out as an integral part of the ‘every day’ teaching cycle. Student progress is monitored through regular assessment and class participation and programs are flexible to meet the needs of the individual students.

On completion of their studies, students will receive a certificate indicating their level of proficiency.


Course features

  • A placement test determines the level most appropriate for you
  • HSP Sport
  • Weekly activities and monthly excursions complement your class program
  • All learning materials are provided free of charge by the college
  • Course material is varied and fun, including: internet research, extracts from books and movies, television and radio programs, singing, and drama
  • Students take part in sporting and co-curricula activities. Small class sizes guarantee individual attention.


Support services

  • Counselling – personal and career by our qualified student counsellor
  • A modern and innovative self access centre
  • Free computer and internet access
  • Teachers assist students to monitor their own progress and take responsibility for their own learning
  • Students develop social and interpersonal skills, friendships and building strong relationships with their classmates and teachers.


Entry requirements

High School Preparation Course CRICOS Course Code 056502D

Completion of Primary schooling in home country.


Sample High School Preparation Timetable