CRICOS course code: 056499E
Duration: 1-12 weeks
Campus: Southport Central, Brisbane Campus

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

This course is for students who want to gain the IELTS score they need for university, Vocational Education and Training/ TAFE, or migration purposes. Our IELTS preparation course is designed to improve students' reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The course focuses examination preparation and is for advanced students. Student progress is monitored through regular assessment and class participation and programs are flexible to meet the needs of the individual students.

Assessment reflects the real demands of higher learning and includes:

  • Formal written test papers
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Written assignments and argumentative essays

On completion of their studies, students will receive a certificate indicating their level of proficiency.

Imagine Education is now a pre-testing centre for IELTS. This means that we get sent future tests from IELTS that students can take without any cost, with their tests marked back in England by official IELTS examiners. Students will get a score in writing, reading and listening. The tests will be conducted in an official IELTS way and this way students can get a sense of what it is like to take a test like IELTS. We also do whole IELTS tests every 6 weeks, but these tests would be even more like the real IELTS test as students will not be able to bring anything personal into the classroom. Students will be provided with pencils and erasers and the timing will be the same as the formal test. Also, General English students are allowed to take this test as long as they are Intermediate and above. The first of these tests will be held in September to November.

Course features

  • Advanced English learning including previous IELTS examinations
  • Weekly activities and monthly excursions complement your class program
  • Course material is varied and fun, including: internet research, extracts from books and movies, television and radio programs
  • Students develop a cultural understanding within an international environment


Support services

  • Counselling – personal and career by our qualified student counsellor
  • A modern and innovative self access centre
  • Free computer and internet access
  • Teachers assist students to monitor their own progress and take responsibility for their own learning


Entry requirements

IELTS Preparation Course CRICOS Course Code 056499E

This course is designed for students at an Upper Intermediate level or above.


Sample IELTS Timetable