Week Two: Pyjama Day and Loving Life on the GC

Miko Nakanishi


It's been about two weeks since I arrived at Australia. My first impressions of the Gold Coast are that it is so beautiful! The scenery here is amazing and people here are wonderful. When I head to school, many people take time to say "good morning" to me. This makes me so happy! I often go to the Broadwater Parklands. This is my favorite place! There are many people there on the weekends. I love walking around the park road. It is so relaxing and the scenery is just so beautiful!

My host family is so good. My host mother is so nice to me and she cooks me a delicious meal every day. I don't speak English very well. But she understands what I am trying to say and her English is very easy to understand. I have a great time at my host family’s house. I have to leave this house after three weeks so this will make me sad. But I will enjoy it very much here for that three weeks.

Last Thursday we had Pyjama Day. We wore pyjamas to school and shared ghost stories. I was a little scared! But it was very fun.

My classmates and teacher are so fun! At first I couldn't understand what everyone said. But they were so kind. If they spoke slowly I understood. Next week I will change class. I have already had so many good memories here!

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