Class excursions!

Taking learning outside the classroom is beneficial and fun! Our General English students at both our Brisbane and our Southport Central Campuses have enjoyed outdoor classroom activities lately! Here are some of the activities they have had:

Our Southport Central Upper Intermediate PM, Intermediate PM, and Intermediate YPM visited Burleigh Hill. The excursion was for an Ethnography project with the topic, “how do locals interact with their mobile phone at a beach setting”. The students loved taking part in the interesting project and compared findings between classes after during a BBQ.

The Brisbane Campus Intermediate PM class visited GOMA as part of their unit focusing on success and achievement. They learnt all about the milestones in an artists career and used the excursion to farewell their classmates who are moving up to Upper Intermediate from next week.

Our Brisbane Campus Pre-Intermediate PM class visited ANZAC square yesterday. Their unit focus this week was on special days, so they went down to learn about the significance of the square and Remembrance Day. They also enjoyed a picnic afternoon tea!

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Melbourne Cup Celebrations!

Our Southport Central Campus enjoyed a day of Melbourne Cup themed activities this week to celebrate the day! One of the most popular activities was hat making and there were some amazing creations parading through the campus!

Check out some of the creations below:



October 2017 Events and Activities



Halloween 2017 was celebrated at our campuses with dress-ups, activities, and of course lots of trick or treating! The campuses were decorated in Halloween theme, and everybody had fun dressing up in their scariest costumes!

Click here to view the video from our celebrations!


Oktoberfest Party!

Our Gold Coast students enjoyed an Oktoberfest party at BiN 89. There was lots of delicious German food and drinks on offer, and everyone had a great time eating, drinking, and socialising with their friends and classmates.

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Cooking lessons with our HSP and YL classes

Our HSP and YL classes enjoyed their cooking lessons this week at our Ashmore Campus with Chef Tom and Chef Geoff and some of our commercial cookery students!

Lessons outside the classroom allow our students to practice their English in a different environment, and both our HSP and YL students enjoy having fun in the kitchen and making delicious treats to sample afterwards! 

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The word of the day was DELICIOUS!

Fun with our Brisbane students!

It may have been raining but a little rain wasn't going to stop our Pre Intermediate PM class who headed to the markets to stock up on ingredients to make delicious and nutritious smoothies!

Activities like these are great for practicing English in real-life situations outside of the classroom.

...and in light of the smoothies the class created, I think we can safely say that the English word of the day was DELICIOUS!



Visit to the Queensland Museum

Phil’s Intermediate PM class and AnneMie's Upper Intermediate Pm class went to visit the Queensland Museum in beautiful Southbank!

Everybody had a fabulous time! One of our students, Silvia, even got dressed up as a gladiator! Many of the students loved the museum so much they even went back on the weekend to take their friends and partners!




September 2017 Events and activities


Southport Central Campus visit to the Q1!

Our Southport Central students enjoyed a visit to the Q1 where they took in the sweeping veiws of the Gold Coast from the SkyPoint Observation Deck!

The SkyPoint Observation Deck is 230 meters high and the veiw from the top is simply amazing!

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YL and HSP trip to the Swell Festival

Taking learning outside the classroom is beneficial and fun.

Last week our Young Learner and High School Preparation classes visited the famous Swell Festival at Currumbin Beach. There were many interesting and amazing sculptures on display and our students had a great time talking about the different sculptures and choosing their favourites.

A visit to the ice-cream truck was a delicious treat for everybody too!

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We love visiting the theme parks on the Gold Coast and Dreamworld was such an awesome day out! 

Activities like this are a great way for our students to practice their learning outside the classroom!

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Brisbane and Southport Central Campus visit to Byron Bay!

On Friday students from our Brisbane Campus and Southport Central Campus enjoyed a day out together in beautiful Byron Bay!
Bringing the two campuses together to spend a day exploring and having fun was a great way for our students to practice their English outside of the classroom as well as make new friends!

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The Bali Kite Festival

At Imagine Education we love recognising and celebrating our students' national celebrations and festivals with them. Our students across all our campuses, enjoyed learning about the Bali Kite Festival and then created beautiful kites of their own.

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Jet Boating!

Three of our adrenaline loving Southport Central students decided to try out our jet boating activity and they absolutely loved it!

The thrill seekers spent the morning whizzing around the waterways of the Gold Coast! So much fun!

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Southport Central Campus Party at Love Nightclub

Southport Central Campus students had the best night as part of the official Imagine Edcuation party at Love Nightclub in Broadbeach.

Dancing the night away and having so much fun with their friends and classmates, the party was popular amongst our fun loving students.

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Brisbane Campus Party at The Victory Hotel

The official launch of our Brisbane Campus Activities and Events Calendar was celebrated with a huge student party at the Victory Hotel in Brisbane!

With free pizza and welcome drinks on arrival, plus dancing all night, all of our students had a wonderful time!

We are excited to bring more exciting and fun events like this one to our Brisbane students!

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Colombian Independence Day Celebrations!

What fun! To celebrate Colombian Independence Day at our Southport Central Campus, all of our students were treated to dancing lessons and music from the amazing DJ Richy!

Everybody had an amazing time! We love celebrating with our students!

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Shared lunch for Monica's class!

Monica's class spent time cooking shabu shabu ...a bring and share lunch. It was such a wonderful lunch where the class laughed and talked and learnt so much about different cultural eating styles!

These sort of activities are fantastic to allow our students to experience other cultures and socialise amongst each other, whilst still learning English outside of the classroom.


NAIDOC Week is held in the first full week of July. It is a time to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements and is an opportunity to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians make to our country and our society.

Our campuses at Imagine recognised NAIDOC Week with in class activities and visits to the Arts Centre to take in the exhibitions there.

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The Star Festival (Tanabata)

Tanabata celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair respectively). According to legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

In Japan people generally celebrate this day by writing wishes, sometimes in the form of poetry, on tanzaku (small pieces of paper), and hanging them on bamboo, sometimes with other decorations. The bamboo and decorations are often set afloat on a river or burned after the festival, around midnight or the next day.

Thank you to our Nagoya students at both our Brisbane and our Southport Central Campuses, for sharing this wonderful festival with us!


June 2017 Events and Activities


The International Day of Yoga

The word “yoga” means to join or unite, the union of body and consciousness, and on Wednesday 21st of June, in celebration of The International Day of Yoga, over 200 of our Southport Central students joined together to practice yoga in the park across from our Southport Central campus.

The free lessons were taught by Imagine student and G23 Fitness yoga instructor Sandra Wesslen and were an amazing way for our student body to get together in celebration of this wonderful day.

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Springbrook excursion!

Our Southport Central students had an amazing adventure to the Gold Coast hinterland where they visited Springbrook National Park and hiked to the amazing waterfalls!

It was an amazing day, and a great opportunity for our students to see more of the beautiful Gold Coast.

To see more photos from the day click here.

Hospitality students at Albert Park

We love getting out of the classroom and teaching our students in the beautiful outdoors.

Our Hospitality students enjoyed a trip to Albert Park as part of their leadership and management unit on the 5th of June. What a perfect day!



HSP and YL classes visit Burleigh Heads

Our HSP and YL classes when on a fun excursion to Burleigh Heads on Wednesday last week!
First up they enjoyed a fun walk over the Burleigh headland, and stopped for morning tea and shell collecting before walking up the beach. After the beach walk everyone enjoyed a delicious McDonald's lunch before walking up North Burleigh Hill to take one more look at the absolutely stunning view!

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Main Beach Olympics

Sun, sand, sports! What more could a student want! The Imagine Olympics at Main Beach was an event not to be missed!

Teams battled it out to be crowned the champions, with sports like soccer, volleyball, running races, and...ahhhh sandcastle building (maybe not technically a sport, but still so much fun!).

Everybody had an amazing day with their friends and classmates!

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Pyjama Day

Wear your pyjamas to school day!

Yes you read right! On 1st of June, in honour of the very first official day of winter, our Southport Central and Brisbane Campus students came to school dressed in their best pyjamas!

Everybody had a great day attending classes in their pyjamas and drinking Milo and eating Timtams and popcorn on their breaks, and most importantly everybody who dressed up donated a gold coin to The Pyjama Foundation to help children in need, a worthy cause indeed.

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