WEEK 4: Exploring the Gold Coast and Making New Friends!

Yuki Kachi

I went to Springbrook last Friday. We went on the bus and then walked for about 30 minutes to a waterfall. It was a long way but it was so fun because I  could make new friends on the way!

I made friends from the afternoon classes that I usually don't see. So it was exciting to meet them at this event. And then the waterfall was really beautiful! It was the first time I have seen such a big waterfall and I also saw rainbow! I was really surprised and impressed. It was so good experience for me.

I usually study hard on the week days after school. So I always try to go out on the weekends.
I'm always able to see lots of new things and get lots of new experiences and meet lots of new people. When I came here, I hadn't gone outside because I was a little scared. However it's fun to try everything! I think I'll try new things now for my whole life!