Week Five: My Life in Australia

Kaede Nagasaka


Five weeks have passed since I came to Australia. In that five weeks there have been lots of differences and things that I am not used to, but now I'm having a good time!

As for the differences between Japan and Australia, there is this thing about the shower. Japanese people take a bath everyday, but in Australia, it is normal not to take a shower every day. I became to use water only when I need it. And I feel I have become more eco-friendly than when I was in Japan.

In Japan, I depend a lot on my parents, but here I think that I am acting with responsibility for my behavior and growing up as an adult. Unlike Japan, I live in a very wide natural environment, so I can relax. And I have become more active and I'm challenging myself more with many things.

A yoga teacher came on Wednesday for The International Day of Yoga, and I was able to experience yoga for free, in a park nearby. Yoga feels very close to nature, and it was very fun and relaxing. It was a lot of fun because a lot of students participated, and doing yoga with everyone was a great time. Imagine regularly has various events, and it is fun and it is also an opportunity to make many friends.

Now everyone makes lots of friends, we are socialising every day, studying together, and living a fulfilling life here every day!

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