Week Seven: My Life in Australia

Aiko Watanabe


I have already been living in Australia for one month. I participate in a volunteer activity every Saturday, where I support children who are learning Japanese.

There are Japanese children and also non-Japanese children. The children often speak a mixture of Japanese and English so it is difficult for me to understand their language sometimes.

When I cannot understand what they want to say, I listing to their story and I tell them how to say it in Japanese after talking to them in English.

So with this volunteer position I support them and I also learn English from the children.

This is a great experience for me as I will study childcare after graduation.

On the weekends I like to go to the beach after buying a coffee at a cafe in the morning. The morning is good for the beach and I can relax. In addition to this I spend the weekends playing with my friends in the park and participating in events.

On July 7th the Nagoya girls introduced the traditional Japanese festival, Tanabata, to our classes. We explained the Tanabata story in each class and we wrote wishes in a strip and decorated the bamboo with these!