Week Eight: Friends, Farewells, and Fun

Megumi Uchiyama

I am already half way through my General English course at Imagine Education!

I felt hard to get used to school at first, but now it is easier. My class is always full of laughter and everyone has a good relationship with each other. If someone can't understand we help each other.

My classmates have graduated one after another this month! So we held a farewell party each time. Last time we held a BBQ party close to the beach. We talked and ate lots of meat. It was great time for me because this is not common in Japan. I think talking with my friends is good for me because this helps me really practice my English. It does get lonely when my friends graduate, but then I think, I was so happy to meet them! I want to spend more precious time with my friends.

On 13th July, we learnt about Bastille Day. The teacher told us about this day and we spoke French a little. Some of the classes draw a French flag on their faces and sang French songs.

We also ate a buffet of French food! It was so delicious and we enjoyed this time very much.

Click here for more photos from our Bastille Day buffet!