Week Nine: Party Time!

Ayaka Yamada


Last Friday I went to a night club for a student party. We enjoyed some drinks, conversation, and danced with other Imagine students. It was first time that I have been to a night club, so I felt a little nervous. But I thought this is good opportunity to speak English. I thought the night club was a dangerous place but the night club had reliable security so we were able to enjoy it!

On 20th of July, we celebrated Colombian Independence Day. We gathered in the lunch room and danced to Colombian songs while we were taught Colombian dancing. When I was JapanI never celebrated other countries anniversaries. I was able to know other country culture so it was a good experience for me and I want to know more about other countries.

Two weeks ago I went to Movie World with my friends. My friends came to Gold Coast from Brisbane. I’m not good at the roller coaster but I tried my best with a challenging spirit! We really enjoyed the experience.

Already two months have passed since arrived here and I have to do a lot myself here. Cooking, washing clothes, cleaning…

I am getting used to it, but sometimes I become a bit lazy but I still cooperate with my friend. I want to enjoy more and more living here every day!