Nagoya College Experience: Childcare Courses

24 October 18


We talked to two of the students from our sister school, Nagoya College, about their experiences as they begin their childcare courses with Imagine Education on the Gold Coast:

Practical Childcare Classes - Gold Coast
Yurina Ishikawa

Five weeks has passed since I started my practical childcare classes at Imagine Childcare and Kindergarten. I’d like to talk about the things I am happy with and the things I have had a hard time with in my experiences so far.

On my first day at the centre I noticed there were some names I had heard, and some children I had seen before. I found out these children were in the class that I was volunteering in two years ago when I attended Imagine Education with other students from Nagoya College for two weeks . I was glad to see the children’s growth and I got a feeling of security that they were there although I was still nervous.

What I struggled with at the beginning is communicating at all times with the children in English. ”IN ENGLISH” is a matter of course at the centre, and English is the language we must speak at all times during our practical and theory lessons. But at first when I mediated between the children, sometimes I knew what I should say, but I couldn't express the words in English very well and this was a little frustrating. Now however, I’m able communicate with the children by imitating the Educators at the centre. I think it’s good to understand the Educators’ view of childcare and how to interact with the children.

I have been amazed by the creativity and ability of the children, and the time I spend with them is very exciting and enjoyable.


Childcare Theory Classes - Gold Coast
Riho Fujitsuna

When I graduated from my General English course to move on to my childcare course, I was a little worried because I thought I didn’t have enough skill with my English. Before I left Japan I had heard from my teachers and from last year’s Nagoya girls that there are lots of assessments in the childcare course and it is really difficult. So I was anxious about whether I could finish it completely. I thought that if I could not do that, what would I do?

When I attended my English course I also went once to have the experience of the childcare course. I could not understand what the teacher was talking about at that time and the struggled understanding the content of the class. Therefore I thought that I was required to work harder then I had been.

However I am happy to say that I have already been in the childcare course for five weeks and I really can’t believe it! My teacher is Kirsty and she is very kind and teaches me until I understand so this is wonderful.

Although I wouldn’t say I am entirely confident in my English yet, I have been able to go to school because I have a teacher who helps me when I ask, and I have some friends who always assist me if I need help with understanding my homework.

I enjoy learning about childcare and when I return to Japan I will make use of my childcare studies. I enjoy learning a lot!


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