Ohkagakuen University Agreement

16 April 18


Imagine Education Australia is proud to have signed an agreement with Ohkagakuen University in Japan. Ohkagakuen University is a four-year university founded in 1998, who along with Imagine’s sister school, Nagoya College, is under the incorporated educational institute, Ohka Gakuen.

Ohkagakuen has introduced a new course starting in April 2018 that is designed to obtain childcare worker certificates from both Japan and Australia.  As part of this course, students will train overseas at the end of their second year at the University. This is exciting and something that Imagine Education Australia is proud to have a large role in.

The photos above include Imagine Education Australia CEO and Co-Principle, William Adler, with President Ohtani of Ohkagakuen University.

We look forward to working closely with Ohkagakuen University.