New curriculum at Job Club

Helping our students with the support they need to find a job in Australia!

We have recently modified the format of our Job Club to benefit our students.

Assistance with the job search process is now available to our students on a daily basis!
This gives our students the extra convenience of getting any help they need from our
dedicated support staff.

Students can:

  • See our Student Ambassador or a senior teacher for help with resumes, cover letters, interview tips, and any other aspect of the job search process that they feel they need assistance in.
  • Access a comprehensive and up-to-date job board at our campuses
  • View current job openings in the Brisbane and Gold Coast, with links to available jobs posted regularly on our Facebook page.
  • Request an appointment with our Student Ambassador for more extensive help with the entire job search process.
  • Request help with the specific job search related tasks, including writing resumes and interview practice, during their speaking and writing classes.

These changes will benefit our students, providing them with an increase in individualised help with the areas they require help in during the job search process.

Key areas of the job search process we can help with!

  • Working in Australia
  • Resume writing & Cover letters
  • Looking for a job
  • Interview techniques
  • Role play – Interview questions
  • Practice interviews

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