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In today's "How to..." post you’ll learn our top DO'S and DON'TS when it comes to the job interview.

our résumé was on-point, you nailed the cover letter, and on paper you’ve got the sweet skills the company is looking for! Well done! Now the hiring manager wants to meet you and the only thing standing between you and that dream job of yours is acing that all important interview!

Get ready to sell yourself, because you might have impressed on paper, but now it is the real-life you that needs to come through with the goods to make them say “I choose you!”

So read on to learn some really important DO’s and DON’TS when it comes to THE JOB INTERVIEW.

DO prepare, prepare, PREPARE!

Many a person has blown the interview because they haven't prepared properly. Preparation is key for an interview! Research the company. Research the role. Know you résumé back to front. Know how your particular skills relate to the company and the position you are going for. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Use a friend to act as the interviewer and ask you some questions you’ll likely be asked.

DO dress appropriately for the role and the company

Are you going for a job in an office? Don't turn up in a tank top and thongs. Got an interview at a surf store? Do not wear that suit and tie. Basically dress your best version of what the other employees in that company wear (but never, ever wear thongs to an interview...just don't do it).

DO arrive early

You do not want to be that stressed-out person racing through the door when you’re interview was supposed to start 10 minutes earlier. Give yourself plenty of time to relax, read over your résumé, and prepare yourself for your big moment.

DO make your first impression an excellent one

And I don’t just mean from when you meet the hiring manager. Be ‘on’ from the second you walk through that front door. You might not be in the interview yet, but I guarantee you the receptionist or any other staff member you speak to before your interview is going to observe your manner and will probably pass on feedback to the hiring manager.

DO have confidence

To be fair the hiring manager is going to expect you to be a little nervous but DON’T be that person avoiding eye contact and mumbling through your answers because your nerves have got the better of you. Maintain eye contact. Compose yourself, and speak clearly and concisely. Take a few seconds to gather your thoughts before answering if you need to; you’ll appear thoughtful and your answer will be much better than if you just garble out whatever pops into your head first. Again, practice some interview questions with a friend because this can really help if you don’t do well when you're put on the spot.

DON’T tell lies or elaborate your skills beyond what you can actually do

You’re just going to get found out if you can’t do a particular skill you’ve said you can do, particularly if it is a key skill for the position. If you can’t do something specific to the job, let them know you love up-skilling yourself and that you’re a fast learner. Pair this with an example of a skill you learnt and mastered for your last job.

DON’T come across negative in any way

You’re a positive, keen, enthusiastic person! Even if you're not (and why not?), pretend you are. If you give off negative vibes you’re not going to get the job. DON'T put down former colleagues, bosses, or workplaces. SMILE.

DO listen

It’s not all about you doing the talking in an interview, so make sure you listen attentively when the hiring manager is talking.

DON’T give yes or no answers

Elaborate your answers beyond a simple “yes” or “no”. Again, this interview is about SELLING YOURSELF and you want to appear intelligent and thoughtful.

DO ask questions

This will show that you’re keen and really interested in the position. You also need to be sure that you are going for a position that is going to be a good fit for you, and asking the right questions can help you to determine that.

DO think about your body language

Watch out for nervous habits, whether it is nail biting, knuckle cracking, shaking your leg up and down...whatever it is that you do when you’re out of your comfort zone. Again, maintain good eye contact and carry yourself so you come across as relaxed and alert.

DO bring at least three copies of your résumé

You might have more than one person interviewing you and it looks professional to have a copy to hand out to each person before the interview begins.

DO try and build a rapport with the hiring manager

While your skills and qualifications will play a big part in whether you get the job, your personality and how much the hiring manager warms to you and sees you as ‘fitting in’ will play a big part too. You might have the same as, or slightly less experience than your competition, but you might get hired because the hiring manager wamed to you and your stellar personality. Try to find common ground with the hiring manager if you can.

DO always follow up with a thank you email personally to the hiring manager.

Touch on key areas from the interview and thank them for their time. It is good manners and will show your enthusiasm, plus you’ll stay fresh in the hiring manager's mind. Winning!

So there you have it some definite DO’s and DON'TS to help you nail that interview! Here’s to securing that job you want in Australia!

Good luck and happy job hunting!

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Orville Armstrong
Orville Armstrong
Dec 23, 2022

Get ready to sell yourself, because you might have impressed on paper, but now it is the real-life you that needs to come through with the goods to make them say “I choose you!”

I like this sentence!

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Anna Favorskaya
Anna Favorskaya
Dec 13, 2022

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Get ready for your job interview. Make sure you know what the company is looking for and how you can help them. Dress nicely and be polite to everyone you meet. Thank them for their time when the interview is over, and ask if they have any questions for you.

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