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Faculty of Automotive Trade Expo

This week our Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology students had the invaluable opportunity to attend a trade expo held by Burson Auto Parts at our Ashmore Campus. The trade expo featured in-depth presentations from Burson Auto Parts, Ryco Filters, Fuchs, and SP Tools.

Speakers at the expo covered topics including tool ranges, knowledge of aftermarket parts, the importance of quality equipment, and new tool and product ranges. Students received giveaways from the companies involved and twenty students were also presented with brand-new tool kits from SP Tools.

Burson Auto Parts representative, Colin, was pleased to have the opportunity to bring the expo to our students saying “it is important to teach students about up-and-coming products and the quality products that are available to them, so when they get out in the field they have the knowledge to use and to sell their customers quality products.”

Steve Nugent, Imagine Education’s Faculty of Automotive Lead Vocational Trainer, praised the expo saying it complimented the students’ practical and classroom learning.

“Today our students got a great understanding of what is happening in the industry. The representatives from each company delivered a lot of great knowledge that students wouldn’t necessarily gain unless they were out in the workforce. Imagine Education prides itself on bringing the latest technology and training to our students and expos like this one are invaluable in furthering our students knowledge.”

We wish to thank Burson Auto Parts for providing such a wonderful trade expo for our students and we also wish to extend a big thank you to all the speakers on the day for their excellent presentations.

To find out more about our Faculty of Automotive please go to our Faculties page.

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