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My Experience: Shiho Hanaoka

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

We catch up with Imagine Education General English student, Shiho Hanaoka, and learn about why she chose Imagine Education and why she loves being an international student in beautiful Brisbane City!

I have been studying General English at Imagine for four months now. I chose Imagine Education as I heard that this school has a lot of opportunities and is a great school to choose if you want to learn to speak English well. When I was in Japan I found I needed to speak English more and more, so I really wanted to focus on my English speaking skills.

I really enjoy my classes at Imagine. The teachers are all very nice and help you a lot. I also enjoy my speaking class a lot as the teacher is very helpful and corrects my English when needed. If you want to focus on your English speaking skills Imagine is a great school to do this at!

Imagine Education also has lots of optional activities on offer. This is a great way to practice your English and make new friends. I really enjoyed our Brisbane Campus trip to the Glass House Mountains! We went on a beautiful nature hike and saw amazing scenery and views. I enjoy the activities so much. It is a great way for the school to get together.

I really enjoy living in Brisbane. It is a very safe and calm city. If you want to study in Australia, I think it is the best city. It is not too big and there are lots of beautiful places to visit. There is even a beach right in the middle of the city! I also enjoy the culture here and I like to visit Brisbane library as it is a great place to focus on your studying.

I have already improved my English so much here at Imagine. I would recommend Imagine Education to all students wanting to improve their English and make new friends!

We can’t wait for you to join us here!

To find out more information about Imagine Education’s Brisbane Campus, click here.

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