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Study Tour News: Kohoen Group

This month Imagine Education Australia was honoured to host a Study Tour Group from Kohoen, a centre in Japan that owns several aged care and childcare centres.

The group consisted of 14 participants who all work in the aged care and childcare profession, and this group was lead by the Kohoen Group Manager, Mr Ko Hiroe.

Six of the group are aged care participants who work as rehab therapists, occupational therapists, and care workers. All six have done research in their field and were chosen from 100 presenters. These six participants shared a special presentation with our aged care trainer Michelle, as well as students and anyone who was interested in learning about the exciting field of aged care.

As part of their visit they also toured two aged care facilities, Ashmore Retreat and Paradise Lakes Centre. The group enjoyed their extensive tour of Ashmore Retreat, where they were able to see different sections of the centre and meet the residents and staff. The group then toured the Paradise Lakes Centre where they had a wonderful time meeting the residents and enjoying a special sing-along with them. They also had the pleasure of meeting the Broadwater MP, Mr David Crisafulli, and enjoying a special morning tea with him.

The remainder of the Kohoen Group were childcare teachers. They enjoyed a day and a half of volunteer experience at Imagine Childcare and Kindergarten.

The group enjoyed their time with Imagine Education and also attended special ESL classes whilst here. They also enjoyed their Homestay experience, where they stayed and spent time with their Homestay families over the duration of their time here. This Homestay experience was a great way for the group to learn about Australian culture and life.

We would like to thank the Kohoen Group for being such a wonderful group to host, and we look forward to welcoming them back on their next expected tour in June 2019.

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