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My Experience: HSP Cooking Lessons

Imagine Education offers our High School Preparation and Young Learner students extracurricular activities to compliment their classroom learning. These activities are an important part of our students’ learning and development as they provide new experiences that build self-confidence and provide social opportunities to cement long-lasting friendships with their classmates. They also give our students the courage to try new things that they may have never had the opportunity to try before, as the below testimonial demonstrates.

One of the activities we offer are free cooking lessons held in our commercial kitchen at our Ashmore Campus. We spoke to HSP student, Harvey Li (Chun ngai Li), about his first-ever cooking lesson and found out how it has supported his learning and given him the courage to try new things.

“I really enjoyed my cooking experience. It was really fun and fantastic! We baked chocolate brownies and they tasted pretty good and delicious! My home stay family had a taste of them and they said they were really yummy.

I loved having this cooking lesson. It was a wonderful day. Also it was my very first time to be in a kitchen and actually cook. The best thing was mixing up all of the ingredients and stirring them. I really enjoyed that moment and I have remembered the recipe of baking a chocolate brownie as I think I will make it for my family when I go back home.

As I said this was my first-ever time to cook. I have never cooked before, but now I think cooking is not such a difficult thing. I have gained courage to cook by having this cooking lesson. Thank you!”

Harvey Li (Chun ngai Li) Hong Kong High School Preparation

To find out more about our High School Preparation course, click here.

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