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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

We chat to Imagine Education Commercial Cookery student, Elias Petry, about why he loves Imagine Education and how studying at Imagine has helped him on his way to achieving his dreams!

Why did you choose Imagine Education?

“After a year of farming in Northern Queensland, I researched some schools on the Gold Coast to perfect my English language skills, and it was Imagine Education that caught my eye. The school is modern and has excellent and professional teachers and a great teaching system.”

What do you love about Imagine Education?

“At the beginning my English was very basic, but through Imagine I had the opportunity to participate in conversation classes which I feel helped my English language skills greatly. Imagine is a great school and is always looking to help improve students’ English skills with dynamic classes including Friday Clubs which are a great way for students to mingle and interact with different and fun activities.”

What are some of the highlights of your time at our Southport Central Campus?

“I really enjoyed the excursions and trips to many incredible places on the Gold Coast that I went on with Imagine. I also made lots of friends from different countries in a short time, and we still keep in touch!”

Why did you choose to further your education with Imagine and begin our Commercial Cookery courses?

“I have always enjoyed cooking and working in the kitchen. I love inventing new recipes and tasting different flavours, but I had never had the opportunity to do a good course in this area. I am so glad that here in Australia this opportunity came about to study cookery. With the encouragement and assistance that Imagine Education offers to all students, I visited the Ashmore Campus and I was sure that I wanted to continue my studies with Imagine’s Commercial Cookery courses.”

What do you love about our Commercial Cookery courses?

“The experience is amazing! I love going to school and learning more day by day. We have the best chefs directing us and the classes are so dynamic! We are learning so much and also having fun! In addition we also have the opportunity to attend and participate in events such as the recent Master Class in Cake Decorating with International Masterchef, Serdar Yener, and the Student Cooking Competition held at the Ashmore Campus.”

How has Imagine Education helped you towards achieving your goals?

“I am very grateful to this school for all these amazing opportunities and I am happy to say that because of all this I have achieved two positions as a chef, one in a café in the morning and the other in an Asian restaurant at night. I am happy and confident that I will strive to be an excellent chef and my dream is to travel the world and cook in several restaurants in different countries. Imagine Education is helping make this dream possible!”

To find out more about our Faculty of Hospitality and our Commercial Cookery courses, visit our website

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